Email Marketing: Background Image and Button Code Generators

I have an annoying habit of creating an insane amount of work for myself. I always want to make improvements within the organizations for which I am working, so I analyze all aspects of the business and develop plans to resolve the problems I discover. Today, I am supposed to tackle creating a responsive, cross-compatible email template for a new email marketing campaign for Hobbs Herder Marketing Systems (now Next Level Marketing Group), the creators of RECAMP and AppreciationKards.

Two Enigma rotors showing electrical contacts, stepping ratchet (on the left) and notch (on the right-hand rotor opposite D).

Two Enigma rotors showing electrical contacts. The Enigma Machine was used during WWII for enciphering and deciphering messages.

The company’s emails get viewed on all types of devices, so it is important that they display content as similarly as possible. When I began researching email client compatibility, I quickly realized how big of a task this could become. Deciphering how and why various email clients do not display some elements properly, learning the Vector Markup Language needed for some versions of Microsoft Outlook, and then testing various clients was going to take a good amount of time. Then, I came upon on a wonderful article that really changed my tune!

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Johanna Mae Showman: She Will Always Be an Inspiration

Johanna Mae Showman in front of a sunset

It is interesting when a loved one close to your own age dies. The emotional distress becomes a swift reminder of how short life can be for each of us. I do not know the details of Johanna’s death and I do not really need them. News of this broke my heart, I had seen her two days prior to the car accident that took her life. I remember how flawless she looked: in great physical shape; her outfit was stylish and classy, well fitting but did not give anybody the wrong impression; and her smile radiated the room as it always does did. She was the epitome of style, empathy, and grace. The type of person we should all strive to become.

I wanted to memorialize this day for myself and for Johanna Mae Showman, may her body revitalize the Earth in the same way her compassion could revitalize a bad day. She will be missed by many people and the world is worse for her death. There is nothing to be done, no one to curse, no reason for any of it. Acceptance of death is the only way to continue living life.

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PCB Manufacturing Tour at Advanced Circuits (w/ Pictures)

The Advanced Circuits building

Outside the Advanced Circuits building

I was recently in Denver, CO-area where I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Advanced Circuits, a printed circuit board manufacturer in Aurora. While I was there, they were kind enough to give me a tour of their facility. Tony, my enthusiastic tour guide, explained every step of the PCB manufacturing process—and let me take pictures! Advanced Circuits has an amazing facility and it was quite an experience to see how PCBs are fabricated.

This is a fairly long, in-depth article. Be prepared for a lot of words with a lot of pictures that you may not completely understand. It is okay, I had to ask a lot of questions!

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How to Set a Static IP Address in Ubuntu LTS 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Ubuntu logoCanonical is soon to release Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx), this version of the Debian-based distro uses Upstart, an event-based replacement for the init daemon used in previous versions of Ubuntu and Debian. Assigning a static IP address on Lucid Lynx is almost the same procedure as it is on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron), with a different method for restarting the network interface.

Setting a static IP address is as easy as changing a single file and restarting the network interface, so let’s begin.
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How to Set a Static IP Address in Ubuntu LTS 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Ubuntu Circle of FriendsIn April, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was released. As the second Long Term Support version of Ubuntu, the server version will be supported for five years and the client version for three years. I haven’t had much experience with any distribution, with the exception of Debian, until I started playing around with Ubuntu 8.04. So far, it’s exactly the same with more up-to-date packages.

Now, for some reason I still find myself needing to look up how to set a static IP address, so I’m writing this to help anyone else who finds themselves in need of this information and to help myself remember a bit better.

Assigning a static IP address is a basic procedure in Ubuntu and can be done by anyone with sudo or root access.
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